Moving from physical infrastructure to hosted servers can reduce CapEx by up to 49% and OpEx by up to 56%.

Free yourself from infrastructure management

  • Free yourself of hardware
  • Use the cloud as a forward internet facing server tier aka DMZ
  • Place varying tiers of service in clouds based on cost and performance
  • Use the cloud to geographically and strategically home services
  • Implement a disaster recovery plan
  • Deploy all of your capacity in highly available infrastructure

With Infrastructure as a Service, onTop hosts your servers on our hardware, run by our people, in our data centers. You access your compute and storage capacity when you need it, where you need it, through the VMware vCloud Suite.

Why hosted servers with onTop

Scale on demand – With hosted servers, you don’t have to choose between being over-provisioned or under-provisioned; you can be provisioned just right. Because when you need more capacity, we can quickly and easily spin up a new server so you can take advantage of opportunities as they come. If you don’t need as much capacity, we’ll spin that server down – you only pay for what you use.


Simplify – If yours is the kind of business that is in constant motion – with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures – hosted servers simplifies the complexity of integrating infrastructure when your business changes.


Innovate – The most successful tech innovators take chances, and they want to learn what works, and what doesn’t, fast…Doing that requires a flexible IT platform. Servers that can be spun up quickly, and retired just as fast. Compute capacity that’s on-demand and pay-as-you-go. IaaS.

Lower cost – According to research by Taneja Group, moving from physical infrastructure to hosted servers can reduce CapEx by up to 49% and OpEx by up to 56%. So not only are you operationalizing your IT spend – from CapEx to OpEx – but you’re lowering costs to boot (and who doesn’t love that).


Be more efficient – With Infrastructure as a Service, IT can provision infrastructure in minutes rather than weeks – which means faster time to market for the business, and more time to add value for IT.


Mitigate risk – VMware vCloud Suite delivers up to 30% more uptime for tier 1 applications. That uptime boost is particularly significant given the high cost of downtime ($5600-7900 per minute on average).

onTop Infrastructure as a Service is accessible through the through the VMware vCloud Suite – widely considered to be the best virtualization technology.

Virtual Data Center – A virtual data center (VDC) provides a means of storing your virtual machines, and grouping them to form a vApp. A vApp can then be stored in your catalog, and cloned on request via APIs and/or the web-based vCloud console. You can have multiple VDC’s – allowing you to segregate production, test, and development while also allowing for easy transition of vApps from one VDC to another.

Virtual Private Cluster – In addition to virtual data centers, we can also provision you your own private cluster, available through the same vCloud console. That way, you can keep services that require 100% hardware commitment – either for application performance or for compliance ¬– managed under the same console. And, you can migrate workloads off and on as desired – with the same ease, speed, and scalability as a VDC.

VMware Hybrid Cloud – VMware hybrid cloud is one of the most exciting IaaS technologies on the market. If you are currently leveraging VMware, you can import a vCloud connector appliance and then create a Layer 2 VPN tunnel to a virtual data center in our cloud. Plus, you can manage your vCloud VDCs from your on-site vCenter, and even move servers back and forth – based on load requirements and disaster recovery initiatives.

Infrastructure as a Service – Q&A with the onTop Team

A: With current iterations of HyperVisors and hardware, there is little overhead with virtualization and near physical server speeds can be achieved. Typically though virtual servers are used as you may not require the full resources of a physical server and going virtual allows you to provision smaller servers for specific purposes.
A: Yes, any x86/x64 compatible platform can be hosted with onTop as a virtual server.
A: They can! Depending on your needs, we can have the server directly connected to the internet. This is typically not recommended though. We typically provide a basic firewall appliance to help filter and protect your server from harmful traffic.
A: Currently we only provide this for high volume customers. Our goal is to work with our clients to help them architect the environment and assist with turning up the VMs per specifications.
A: onTop can provision a dedicated private cloud solution that will allow you to bring these licenses over without requiring Software Assurance and License Mobility.
A: In some circumstances this may be the way to go, if you have a very resource intensive application but most servers on the market today have much more resource capacity than you actually need. Server virtualization allows you to dial this down to exactly what you need. It also allows some flexibility and high availability due to virtualization technologies such as VMWare’s vMotion and HA.
A: Yes, through our vCloud portal, you will be able to log into the servers as if in front of them physically. This allows will allow you to mount a cdrom, reboot, etc.
A: Our backend systems are high available, in the event of an issue your systems will automatically migrate to other hosts to maintain maximum uptime and performance.
A: Yes, just like a standard server, we can increase memory, hard drive space, and network cards. We can even add virtual CPUs which with a standard server is sometimes not possible without costly upgrades.

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Rave Reviews

While there are numerous hosting providers to choose from, we found that only onTop Technology Corp had “above and beyond” personalized service backed by the integrity of a Tier III certified data center. By partnering with onTop, we were able to greatly enhance our IT infrastructure.
Steve Booze, AppointmentPlus
Here at BidTracer we have developed a cloud based software for construction. Many of the challenges these days of having the expertise on staff at our company has been answered by onTop’s knowledgeable staff. They have set up our phone system integrated with Microsoft Lync and made it a seamless switch over. They are there throughout the whole process and you can tell they take pride in their work.
Samir Gulrajani, BidTracer
We grow by acquiring new stations. Each time, I have to integrate the station into the corporate network, which takes three to four days. onTop is working on a ‘station-in-a-box’ idea that will enable a new station to literally plug right in. onTop is helping us figure out how to better scale.
SPARROW relies on onTop for help managing infrastructure costs. That’s strategic. If you can’t manage your infrastructure cost it affects overall profitability.
Matanda Doss, SPARROW
Whereas the old IT vendor delivered an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution – that is, more capacity – onTop helped us figure out how to put our IT capacity to best use. They helped us align our IT infrastructure to our business objectives. That has been a critical element in our successful growth.
Steve Booze, AppointmentPlus
If we can’t be scalable and highly available then we lose customers. Our strategy is of course to keep them. onTop helps us do that.
Matanda Doss, SPARROW
Before onTop, we were with a provider that didn’t really care about how we used – or even if we used – the capacity they had sold us. To increase our compute capacity we had to buy CPU, RAM, etc. in ‘buckets’ whether we needed it or not. In order to get what we needed of one thing, we ended up overbuying in other areas. That’s good for the seller, not so much for us.
Mark White, AppointmentPlus
Your infrastructure is the foundation for your operations success. By leveraging a scalable solution you can focus almost exclusively on the operation of your company and the growth model you have. The hardware limitations in a self-hosted environment are removed with a partner such as onTop.
Patrick Groves, On Time Express


Business growth today is driven as much if not more by growing profit margins than by growing revenue. IT plays an instrumental role in that growth.


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