You can’t eliminate risk. But you can mitigate it.

onTop can help.

Risk is everywhere. In IT it often comes from:

Being over-provisioned.

If you’re paying for capacity that you’re not using, you’re wasting money. On the flip side, being under-provisioned is a risk, too: If you don’t have the capacity to scale quickly, you can’t take advantage of growth opportunities.

Most organizations don’t even know when they’ve been hit by a cybersecurity attack (70% of security breaches are identified by a third-party). Security breaches can lead to service disruptions, reputation damage, and all the significant financial costs that go with.

Data loss.

Would you believe that 30% of computer users never back up their data? It’s true. Also true: 113 mobile phones are lost or stolen every minute. If that data isn’t backed up, it’s gone forever.

Whether from a burst water pipe or a lightning strike or a metal wrench – or any number of disasters that can befall a data center – downtime happens. Most businesses don’t have a plan to stay running when it does; that’s why 80% of the businesses that experience an IT disaster will go out of business within the year.

Staying in regulatory compliance is increasingly challenging. From the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), there are lots of rules to navigate – and even once you’ve navigated them, bringing your systems into compliance can be quite costly.

At onTop, we reduce risk for our clients through:

On-demand capacity – With hosted servers and/or a cloud platform from onTop, you can be provisioned just right. When you need more capacity, we can quickly and easily spin up a new server so you can take advantage of opportunities as they come. If you don’t need as much capacity, we’ll spin that server down – you only pay for what you use.

Operational know-how – Operational know-how to respond if something goes wrong. Because you can’t eliminate risk altogether, it’s important to be prepared to respond if something goes wrong. At onTop, we’re available 24x7x365 to ensure that your IT is up and running, and address issues if they come up.

Backing up your data – Backing up your data – across all devices that data touches – is essential to reducing the risk of data loss. onTop makes it easy with online backup. With desktop as a service (hosted desktop), you eliminate the risk of lost or stolen devices.

Disaster recovery – While backing up your data is essential, having a plan to keep you up and running if your infrastructure goes down is an essential component of your IT risk mitigation strategy. onTop makes it easy with disaster recovery as a service.

The best hardware in world-class data centers – Because we’re operating at scale – running infrastructure for many clients like you – we can afford to maintain the latest and greatest hardware and software. And we do it in Uptime Institute Tier III certified data centers – one in Edison, New Jersey and the other in Phoenix, Arizona.

Built-in risk mitigation: SLA. When you engage with onTop, you get a service level agreement (SLA) that specifies the uptime that we’re guaranteeing. So you can sleep easy knowing your IT is taken care of – and get on with the business of running your business.

Let us help you mitigate risk!

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Rave Reviews

While there are numerous hosting providers to choose from, we found that only onTop Technology Corp had “above and beyond” personalized service backed by the integrity of a Tier III certified data center. By partnering with onTop, we were able to greatly enhance our IT infrastructure.
Steve Booze, AppointmentPlus
Here at BidTracer we have developed a cloud based software for construction. Many of the challenges these days of having the expertise on staff at our company has been answered by onTop’s knowledgeable staff. They have set up our phone system integrated with Microsoft Lync and made it a seamless switch over. They are there throughout the whole process and you can tell they take pride in their work.
Samir Gulrajani, BidTracer
We grow by acquiring new stations. Each time, I have to integrate the station into the corporate network, which takes three to four days. onTop is working on a ‘station-in-a-box’ idea that will enable a new station to literally plug right in. onTop is helping us figure out how to better scale.
SPARROW relies on onTop for help managing infrastructure costs. That’s strategic. If you can’t manage your infrastructure cost it affects overall profitability.
Matanda Doss, SPARROW
Whereas the old IT vendor delivered an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution – that is, more capacity – onTop helped us figure out how to put our IT capacity to best use. They helped us align our IT infrastructure to our business objectives. That has been a critical element in our successful growth.
Steve Booze, AppointmentPlus
If we can’t be scalable and highly available then we lose customers. Our strategy is of course to keep them. onTop helps us do that.
Matanda Doss, SPARROW
Before onTop, we were with a provider that didn’t really care about how we used – or even if we used – the capacity they had sold us. To increase our compute capacity we had to buy CPU, RAM, etc. in ‘buckets’ whether we needed it or not. In order to get what we needed of one thing, we ended up overbuying in other areas. That’s good for the seller, not so much for us.
Mark White, AppointmentPlus
Your infrastructure is the foundation for your operations success. By leveraging a scalable solution you can focus almost exclusively on the operation of your company and the growth model you have. The hardware limitations in a self-hosted environment are removed with a partner such as onTop.
Patrick Groves, On Time Express


Business growth today is driven as much if not more by growing profit margins than by growing revenue. IT plays an instrumental role in that growth.


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